I have really enjoyed pregnancy yoga with Lorraine, which helps me to relax, stay positive and keep flexible throughout my pregnancy.

Lorraine is very friendly, knowledgeable and provides different tips for pains, relaxing, pelvic floor exercises, etc.

There is definitely other benefits from the class even simple things like knowing other people are going through the same things makes you feel better.

The tea and biscuits at the end of class id great as it gives you time to speak to other mums-to-be and get some hints and tips as a first time mum I find this really helpful

Review by Ashleigh

A friend informed me about this class and I tried because I wanted to meet new mums and to keep me more active. I really enjoyed it! I met wonderful and friendly people, I enjoyed shared motherhood problems and felt reassured with Lorraine’s karma cards.

Yoga mum and baby is such a great way to do exercise together with your baby. I really recommend.

Review by Francesca

I’ve been going to Lorraine’s classes since week 16 of pregnancy. I look forward to them every week and would really highly recommend. Very relaxed, calming vibe, emphasis on relaxation and stretching in way that is comfortable to each person. My favourite bit is the relaxation at the end. Leave each class feeling relaxed and refreshed. Looking forward to the mother and baby classes too when my baby arrives. 

Review by Fionnghuala

I was recommended Yogabellies by my friend and it is the best thing I have done. As this is my first pregnancy and I am pretty new to yoga I was unsure on what to expect.  Going to Lorraine’s classes have helped keep my mind at ease. Lorraine is a fabulous yoga instructor and person. She keeps all us women going and we all feel like this is a safe space when we attend these classes. As well as getting a good stretch and feeling relaxed, It is so nice to meet other expecting mums who are going through the same thing and exchanging our stories. Lorraine has brought us all together and helped make my pregnancy journey a very positive one. Thank you Lorraine. 

Review by Chivonne

Lorraine is super friendly, and hugely knowledgeable in safely leading pregnant ladies through an enjoyable and VERY relaxing yoga session (regardless of where they are on their journey). 

I felt comfortable continuing on with classes until full-time term because of her diligent but friendly approach, and the class really prepared me for a calm and confident birth in many many ways. 

Lorraine creates a really friendly atmosphere for everyone to get to know one another too. I enjoyed meeting the other ladies and sharing our experiences….which was nice for me being a first time mum!

Would definitely recommend Lorraine and Yoga Bellies….and very much looking forward to heading to Mum and Baby classes soon 😁

Review by Carmelle

I thoroughly enjoyed Yogabellies with Lorraine! The classes were welcoming, relaxing and tailored to the different needs of each individual attending at each stage of their pregnancy! The recent change in covid restrictions has allowed extra time for tea and biscuits at the end which allowed an additional opportunity to built support networks with other ‘mums to be’ – and the chance to have a cuppa and a biscuit in peace! Would definitely recommend Yogabellies with Lorraine, and looking forward to participating in Yogababies with Lorraine when baby arrives!

Review by Jennifer

This is my second time coming to a yogabellies mum and baby yoga and Lorraine is such a dreamy instructor. She makes the classes super welcoming, she’s incredibly warm and does great yoga workouts. The classes are a highlight of my week and I love coming along! I’d recommend it to any mum and baby looking for some gentle exercise and a connection to other mums. 

Review by Vicki

I absolutely love this class – and my little loves it too! It has been a great way for me to get back to exercise postnatally and this session has introduced me to yoga gently, with Lorraine making sure it is at a pace that each individual in the class is comfortable with. The babies get involved and really enjoy the sessions too, which are fun and stimulating for them.

I love the atmosphere in class, which is supportive and friendly. Always leave with a smile on my face!”

Bits that I really enjoy – the flows as I think has been mentioned before. Also the squats (oddly I know!) – hard work but can feel my legs burning which is good to know there is still muscle there!!

Review by Sarah